Thursday, January 20, 2011

Web Designing Basic’s

Here are some tips that all should perspective web-designers should remember while developing their websites in the initial phases
1)    Pick up a simple url that makes it easy to remember by people who have visited you once. e.g. is much easily remembered to Also simpler url’s means people who are less computer savvy recollect you a lot easily.
2)    Know your targeted cliental well look for some-thing they can associate with for example while developing a website for car re-sale put the best bargain on the first page or on similar lines.
3)    Web designers think it is better if all the data in a web site is categorized and broken to tiny fragments it would be much easier for the people visiting the web site to understand. But rather on the contrary it confuses the visitors as what to read.
4)    Don’t try to put too many effects into the web site at first it may sound and look nice to the user but soon it will irritate the visitors. Most common forms in which this is done is loopy music and sparkle effects.
5)    Navigation is one of the most critical part of developing a website. It is of utmost importance that each and every page is interlinked to interdependent and higher level pages. Care must be taken to avoid orphan pages.
6)    Refrain from over using different types of fonts. Minimize the number of fonts used to 2 or 3 as using more fonts will make it look like a mess.
7)    Never put up in-complete or under repair signs on your web page as it gives the users a negative impression of your sight.
8)    Keep the content of your sight original as search engines rate you on the originality of the content one puts up on his site. Higher the original content higher the SEO ranking.
9)    Keep away from using a lot of graphic file as the more the no of files the more time it takes to download thus giving the impression that the website is slow.
10)                      Refrain from using to many flash object as the users are easily distracted by such content and neglect the actual essence of the site
11)                      The background color is also necessary and should not be too flashy as it again distracts the user. Also the foreground color must be selected in such a way that it should be legible in contrast to the background colour. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

High PR Forums Posting

Are you lured by the cheap prices offered by your forums posting company? Have you reviewed the quality of services provided by your forums posting company? Did you take time to review the list of forums to which they will be submitting your website? Did you bothered to check the pagerank of the forums? Does this forums allow dofollow backlinks to your site? Do not blindly hire your forums posting company or forums posting package. Always look for High Pagerank Forums Posting Service.

High PR Niche Forums Posting will be the best value package the time and effort you are putting into your Forums Posting. Search Engines, like Google, gives high importance to high PR websites. Rather than going for hundred backlinks of 0 PR Forums, getting just 10 to 12 backlinks from PR 8 websites will do your website great good. So before contracting any Forums Posting Company, check for list of Forums.

If your website is having 0 pagerank, opt for packages with high PR , like PR5+, this will not only improve your pagerank but also your Search Engine Ranking Positions(SERP's). 50 PR5 to PR9 Forums Posting package would be a great deal for your website.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Useful SEO Tips

Useful SEO tips for your website :

Unique Content : This is the most important step for SEO of a website. Adding unique and fresh content gives an edge over your competitors which helps in Google rankings. Google hates duplicate content and wont index your site.

Directory Submission : Adding your site to directories like gains you large number of visitors and helps in SEO of your website. Submit your site in directories which are active and not ones which are dead.

Forum Postings : This is one of the most useful SEO tip. Register and post about your site to high PR dofollow forums. This can improve your page rank and thus can improve your ranking positions. Do forum postings only in your niche category which suits your site.

Blog Commenting : Yes blog commenting can be useful for SEO. Comment on dofollow blogs which can improve your page rank as well as visitors to your site. Do not be spammy, read the blog carefully and comment about the related post.

Article Submission : Submit your website to sites like, which has a high page rank and high possibilities of getting your article on first page of Google for related keywords. Article submission can improve your page rank and ranking positions.

OnPage Optimization : One of the important SEO tip for your website. Analyze your site properly, insert keywords into your website with proper keyword density method and follow proper internal linking method.

Link Building : Keep on increasing your backlinks monthly, this will help you over your competitors. Do not follow any black/gray hat seo methods.

Social Bookmarking : Yes social bookmarking helps your site in increasing ranking positions. Keep on submitting your sites to social bookmarking sites like digg, delicious, reddit, etc which can increase your visitors.

Sitemap : Upload a sitemap to your site, which helps google bots to easily index your site. You can generate a sitemap or can manually make one.

robots.txt : Adding a robots.txt file tells google bots which pages to index and after how many days to index your website. You can check this in webmaster tools.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Social Networking & Internet Marketing

Internet, as they all say, is the most booming industry on the planet, which makes it rather suprising if you have a business and it does not have an online presence. In this present day, no matter what you are buying, selling or even researching, it is hard not to go through a search engine and look for reports/reviews about the product in question. This product could vary from a basic cosmetics to the next super bike that someone is buying and therefore internet has become the most basic source of information. With the growing need of online information, providing this information to targeted users, when they need it, is the most difficult challenge faced by online marketing companies.

In the year gone by, YouTube & FaceBook have been rated as the most sought keywords on the internet, thus making them one of the most viewed websites in the past year. While these are websites that are being used only in the time of leisure, it is important to note that advertisers would still pay a bomb to feature on the pages that these sites show. While YouTube is not completely an ad based portal, FaceBook is doing its bit to present users with ads based on the content they are browsing. Now it is a complete rat race to get your product listed or viewed by relevant users, who do not intend to purchase these products, however, an ad on the FaceBook page does play a subconcious role while the consumer does go online for a purchase.

All in all, Online Networking/Social Media is here to stay and there is a thin line drawn between "keeping in touch" and going through advertisements based on key words.

Eco-friendly web hosting

 Green or Eco-friendly web hosting is a newly introduced hosting product to the field of web hosting which involves a given website hosting company in putting their efforts to prove that they are not affecting the environment in any manner whatsoever.
World internet usage statistics has revealed that internet usage is doubling in size all over the world and growing from 400 to 1000% a year. In fact, the total electricity bill to operate hosting servers and related infrastructure equipment was $2.7 billion in the United States and $7.2 billion worldwide. It is estimated that if energy consumption with web hosting continues to grow at this rate then by 2020, the industry will be more polluting than the airlines industry. With so much hype on resources, eco-friendly hosting services, utilizing green marketing, gave rise to a need of Green or Eco-friendly web hosting. "