Monday, August 1, 2011

Four Benefits of having female fans for your brand

1. They shop a lot:
I am sure everyone, including women, will agree that they tend to buy stuff that they might need in the future. They are attracted to stuff that is not the need of the hour but make a purchase so that it's there if you need it. If your brand can successfully appeal to women of any age group, sales are bound to go in the positive direction.

2. Women are good spokespersons:
So if you have a group of women who knows that your brand is out there and have a good experience shopping with you, they will make sure its known to everyone they know. This only helps your brand in getting a good word-of-mouth publicity for your brands and this will all be positive since they have had a good experience with your brand and will help you generate good quality leads.

3. Good Feedback:
Every woman will use all of the services provided to her and will be in a very good position to give feedback. In most cases, brands would be more than happy to take this feedback and improve their offering as compared to their competitors. Now the acceptance and implementation of this feedback is something that the brand has to take care of.

4. Easy to gain attention:
Yes, I am talking about freebies. Most women are attracted to brands that offer most number of freebies with a said product. So if I'm selling something and I can give away a few freebies, its easier to get the attention of the female base as compared to men. So it's easier for a brand to increase sales by offering a few freebies.
All in all, it’s not like having a female fan base is a deal breaker for your brand. But it sure has its own advantages.