Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Revert your facebook changes

Are you pissed off with the new changes on Facebook? We have a solution.

To get
 the earlier Facebook look, scroll down, at the bottom left of your page you will see "ENGLISH (US)". Change this to "ENGLISH (UK)"....and voila...earlier Facebook look is back :)

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Four Benefits of having female fans for your brand

1. They shop a lot:
I am sure everyone, including women, will agree that they tend to buy stuff that they might need in the future. They are attracted to stuff that is not the need of the hour but make a purchase so that it's there if you need it. If your brand can successfully appeal to women of any age group, sales are bound to go in the positive direction.

2. Women are good spokespersons:
So if you have a group of women who knows that your brand is out there and have a good experience shopping with you, they will make sure its known to everyone they know. This only helps your brand in getting a good word-of-mouth publicity for your brands and this will all be positive since they have had a good experience with your brand and will help you generate good quality leads.

3. Good Feedback:
Every woman will use all of the services provided to her and will be in a very good position to give feedback. In most cases, brands would be more than happy to take this feedback and improve their offering as compared to their competitors. Now the acceptance and implementation of this feedback is something that the brand has to take care of.

4. Easy to gain attention:
Yes, I am talking about freebies. Most women are attracted to brands that offer most number of freebies with a said product. So if I'm selling something and I can give away a few freebies, its easier to get the attention of the female base as compared to men. So it's easier for a brand to increase sales by offering a few freebies.
All in all, it’s not like having a female fan base is a deal breaker for your brand. But it sure has its own advantages.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

How do we get the old Facebook chat back?

Many of the users have found the new Facebook chat annoying and so Webpehchan after some research has come to the rescue :) .Here are some simple steps to get your Lovely old Facebook chat back.

For Chrome Users :

Chrome Settings >> Tools >> Extensions >> Get More Extensions >> Type this in search --> "Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler" Install it
You have to restart FB for it to work.
And Viola...Its done..Enjoy :)

For Firefox users :

In Firefox, we will have to install Grease Monkey Add-on inorder to get the old Facebook chat back. So Open Firefox and go here On that page Click ‘Add To Firefox’ button.
When you click ADD TO FIREFOX button, you will get a popup asking about installation. Click INSTALL and Its done.
Once this add on is installed click here to go to script page ,in the Script Page click Install button which is at the Right top.
Restart Facebook and check if the Old Facebook chat is available. if not, Clear the cache files and try again.
For Opera users:
Click here and Install Old Facebook Extension and Restart the browser to get your Facebook Old chat.

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Happy Chatting :)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

FaceBook Stats in India

FaceBook, a phenomenon that came to be known to the world in early 2004 and since then has been the biggest revolution known to the internet industry. This phenomenon hit the Indian internet users some 2 years after its world wide launch and has been the most visited social networking site ever since. This article looks at highlighting a few statistical points about FaceBook from the Indian perspective:
The Number Game:
In terms of sheer number of users, India ranks 5th in the World with 28 & a half odd million users off the total share of FaceBook users across the globe. Following are the names of countries that made it to the top 5 of this elite list:
1.     United States: 150,498,840
2.     Indonesia: 38,518,380
3.     United Kingdom: 29,773,820
4.     Turkey: 29,284,100
5.     India: 28,581,200
India also ranked 4th in the Fastest Growing country for FaceBook users growing by a whopping 228% in the year 2010.
Sex Ratio On FaceBook:
As always, India does lack on the number of females per male birth. However, the national sex ratio looks far better if you haven't heard this yet. On FaceBook, India has a divide of 21% female accounts as opposed to 79% male accounts. Now that means, there are 7 men looking at one woman account, considering both are from India. :)
Age Distribution:
This is not as surprising as the sex ratio part, the highest density of accounts, about 47%, is from the category 18-24 yrs and is closely followed by 29% in the age group 25-34 yrs. This means, FB is a strong way of getting to the masses of this group. As I write this, I am also convinced that FB has a strong base of users between 18-30 yrs broadly so to speak.

The FaceBook bug seems to be biting its way high up the ladder in the internet industry and has topped all major industry segments. We now look forward to adding as many users from India, a good fun way on increasing the internet literacy of the country.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A quick guide for brands to find out how their competitors are performing on Facebook.

 These days Facebook has become the most visited site on the internet. With the proliferation of online media we see more and more users getting engaged with this social medium. Here stands a golden chance for brands to find out their potential customers on such a site and pitch their business by creating their own fan page. Also they can know how their competitors are engaging themselves with the customers. Here’s a quick guide on how you can find out the statistics of your competitors and you own fan page.

Step 1: Go to :

Step 2: Enter your own or your competitors fan page name or URL in the small box provided on the home page and enter GO.


Step 3: You will land up to the next page where you have to enter your details and then check your mailbox for the URL that will be sent to you.


Step 4: Enter the URL in the browser that has been mailed to you. You will land up to a page which will have detailed report containing last months data for the particular fan page .It includes Total fans, active fans, top fans, posts, comments, likes etc along with graphical illustrations.
Step 5: That’s all J ..You have the results in hand with just a few clicks.

*NOTE :- You can get free results for only 2 fan pages on 1 email id. You can get more results by using different email id’s. Else you can opt for the premium service which Fangager offers and enjoy more privileges.

Hope this article was of help to you. We will keep posting on different tips and tricks on using the social media. Keep visiting..Cheers!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Drupal 7 has the best features

Drupal is an Open Source Content Management System powering millions of websites, portals, applications and much more. Drupal 7 has multiple improvements for users and developers in terms of usability, scalability, interface, performance ,capability and database enhancements. Drupal 7 has integrated Content Construction Kit [C.C.K] which enables users to rapidly build content structures for Drupal. RDF module is also included which provides structured Semantic Web markup to content.

Drupal provides a strong multi-media support and in case one is designing a website meant for blogging, or a social networking site, or a community forum then the obvious choice would be Drupal. Drupal facilitates a better document management system, has a well-defined user management and permission features and has an unlimited choice of add-on that can be utilized to enrich the functionality of the created website. Drupal is for sophisticated users and allows unlimited category levels, tagging, and categorization. Several types of content with varied features can be created in Drupal.

Drupal search engine optimization would mean maximizing the presence of the Drupal websites with the major search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. The SEP Checklist module provides a checklist that helps you to follow the Drupal SEO best practices. The checklist makes the life of the Drupal developer easier. It definitely helps the programmer to keep a track of the modules that needs to be installed and also what has already been installed and what all needs to be done.

Some other Drupal 7 features are:

- Administrative links are available on each web page so there is no need to go administration page each time

- More drag and drop for administrative tasks

- Ability to handle more meta data

- Improved support for integration of WYSIWYG editors

- Renamed "input formats" to "text formats"

- Improved time zone support

- Added query builders for INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, MERGE and SELECT queries

- Support for master/slave replication, multiple insert queries, delayed inserts, transactions and other features.

- Support for G-mail and Google Applications for Domain identifiers

- Better support for Search Engine Optimization and Web Linking

- Improvements due to JavaScript changes

- Added support for language aware searches

- Hook API Documentation is being included

- Test framework and test is being added

- Feed update options are added

- Improved image-handling including better support for add-on image libraries

- Improvements in handling long running tasks

- An additional field is being included specifically for uploading files which was previously provided by the contributed module File Field.

- Password strength validation section is redesigned to make it more kinder, gentler and clearer.

If you have know some more features, feel free to post your comments below.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Successful Link Building Tips

Link Building is the most important thing any website requires for Higher Search Engine Rankings. Higher link popularity connotes significance of equally higher quality of the site.It not only ensures your website visibility but enhance the business performance too. In today's competitive business environment having an edge is vital for success. This is especially true on the internet where your competition can number in the thousands or more.

Link Building Campaign is designed to increase search engine rankings by increasing link popularity of that site. Points to Remember while creating manual backlinks are you should create links with niche sites, sites should have high pagerank and should be DoFollow. Targeted keywords should be used as anchor texts. Use of proper anchor text is necessary to gain higher search engine ranking positions. Ensure that manual backlinks are from different websites and are not related to any adult stuff.

A seo link building campaign must constantly be able to create latest techniques and new ideas on how to do an successful search engine optimization service. New back links that are created must be unique and of a high standard. That is the mark of a good seo link building service.A seo link building service is no mean feat. It requires a great deal of creativity to make new opportunities for link building or to take advantage of existing opportunities in new ways.

You can have a Link Building Campaign in the following ways :
High PR Forum Posting
High PR Directory Submission
Local Search Engine Submission
High PR Blog Commenting
Classified Posting
High PR Article Submission

A perfect Link Building Campaign can lead to millions of visitors to your website.