Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Drupal 7 has the best features

Drupal is an Open Source Content Management System powering millions of websites, portals, applications and much more. Drupal 7 has multiple improvements for users and developers in terms of usability, scalability, interface, performance ,capability and database enhancements. Drupal 7 has integrated Content Construction Kit [C.C.K] which enables users to rapidly build content structures for Drupal. RDF module is also included which provides structured Semantic Web markup to content.

Drupal provides a strong multi-media support and in case one is designing a website meant for blogging, or a social networking site, or a community forum then the obvious choice would be Drupal. Drupal facilitates a better document management system, has a well-defined user management and permission features and has an unlimited choice of add-on that can be utilized to enrich the functionality of the created website. Drupal is for sophisticated users and allows unlimited category levels, tagging, and categorization. Several types of content with varied features can be created in Drupal.

Drupal search engine optimization would mean maximizing the presence of the Drupal websites with the major search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. The SEP Checklist module provides a checklist that helps you to follow the Drupal SEO best practices. The checklist makes the life of the Drupal developer easier. It definitely helps the programmer to keep a track of the modules that needs to be installed and also what has already been installed and what all needs to be done.

Some other Drupal 7 features are:

- Administrative links are available on each web page so there is no need to go administration page each time

- More drag and drop for administrative tasks

- Ability to handle more meta data

- Improved support for integration of WYSIWYG editors

- Renamed "input formats" to "text formats"

- Improved time zone support

- Added query builders for INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, MERGE and SELECT queries

- Support for master/slave replication, multiple insert queries, delayed inserts, transactions and other features.

- Support for G-mail and Google Applications for Domain identifiers

- Better support for Search Engine Optimization and Web Linking

- Improvements due to JavaScript changes

- Added support for language aware searches

- Hook API Documentation is being included

- Test framework and test is being added

- Feed update options are added

- Improved image-handling including better support for add-on image libraries

- Improvements in handling long running tasks

- An additional field is being included specifically for uploading files which was previously provided by the contributed module File Field.

- Password strength validation section is redesigned to make it more kinder, gentler and clearer.

If you have know some more features, feel free to post your comments below.

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