Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Web Design In PHP

PHP (Pre Processor Hypertext) is a widely used scripting language used for Web Development to produce Dynamic Web Pages. It appeared in 1995.
 With the help of PHP you can create various types of applications and systems like software applications, chat applications, databases systems, online transaction systems, dynamic applications and much more. PHP is much better in comparison with other languages. It supports database such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and MS Access.
PHP can be easily embedded in HTML.It can be used for command-line scripting and client-side GUI applications.In Web Programming services, PHP has brought highly attractive and dynamic at the same time. Database management has become easy in PHP. You can create as many databases you want.

Advantages :
- Open Source
- Free to Download
- Cross-Platform
- User Friendly
- Easy Navigation
- Consistent, Affordable and Fast

There are many free sites where you can learn PHP like w3schools.com, tizag.com, etc.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

How to Improve Page Rank

Page Rank is a product by Google. The higher the Page Rank that much faster time Google bot crawls your site.The Page Rank value is from 0 - 10. Sites like adobe.com, apple.com, microsoft.com has Page Rank 9. Following are the ways to improve Page Rank of your website.

1. Unique Content - Unique content is very important for SEO of a site. Google bots hate duplicate content. One should keep on updating fresh content to your site.
2. Twitter - Yes you can improve your Page Rank with the help of Twitter. Keep on tweeting on Twitter which will send unique visitors to your site. The more you keep on tweeting the more Followers + more visitors to your site.
3. Sitemaps - It becomes easy for Google bots if your Sitemap is updated. You can create a xml sitemap or a sitemap which has a perfect hierarchy of a website.
4. Inbound Links - Inbound Links play a vital role in SEO. It can improve Page Rank as well. Properly building Inbound links will help your site in Search Engine Ranking Positions.
5. Forums - Keep on posting your site in forums which can generate traffic for your website. The more the outbound links higher the chances of improving Page Rank. Your outbound links should be placed in your niche and relevant categories.
6. Submit to Search Engines - Submitting your site to search engines will help search engine bots to crawl your site.

7. Use H1 Tags - Google bots keep on searching for H1 tags in your site. H1 tags help in SEO of your site. H1 tags carries more important than keyword tag and description tag.

8. Avoid Black Hat/Gray Hat Tricks - Black hat tricks can lead your site get banned from Search Engines. Do not use any of the the black hat/ gray hay tricks

9. Articles - Publishing articles to high PR article sites increases your outbound links, number of visitors and thus helps in improving Page Rank. There are various free article submission sites like ezinearticles.com which helps improve your Page Rank.

This are some of the tricks which can help you improve Page Rank of your Website.

Friday, December 24, 2010


We wish you a Merry Christmas. Have fun, be happy, take time off the web and spend quality time with your family and friends. #MerryChristmas.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Top SEO tools for Top Search Engine Rankings

What is the best way to get your site on the top position of Search Engines? What keyword should you use on your website? Which SEO Tools should you use to improve your backlinks, keywords, Pagerank, etc? We deliver answers. Here are some of the tools which you can use for checking SEO of a site.

Keyword Tool :
Keyword Tool are critical to your success in internet marketing. Keyword Tools are used to identify what words users are using to search in Search Engines. There are free keyword tools available. Keyword Tools allow you to build websites at the first time.

Back Link Checker :
You need quality backlinks to rank highly on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. A backlink checker tool is a great way to check your number of backlinks and from which site backlinks are coming. If you are paying for links, backlink checker is important to keep a track of it. Backlinks from high ranking and high Page Rank website are typically more effective in raising your search engine rankings than backlinks from lower PR websites. A backlink checker tool will also help you in determining how much backlinks your competitor is having.

Page Rank Checker :
A Page Rank Checker is a specific tool for checking the Page Rank of the website.Page Rank is a method innovated by Google to determine the relevance of a website. The higher the Page Rank of a website, the more traffic and higher positions the website gets in the search engines.The Google Page Rank Checker returns a value of N/A to 10. Google does not like Duplicate content. Ensure your website has unique content.

Indexed Pages Tool
The first step of Search Engine Optimization is indexing your site on major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Following are the ways to get your site indexed by search engines :
~ Go to Google Webmaster tool and sign in with your account.
~ Verify and Add your site to Webmaster Tools.
~ Create a Sitemap of your website. There are lot of free websites which creates Sitemap. So you can create one easily.
~ After this Google bot will crawl all of your pages and index pages in their directory.

This is the way to easily get your website indexed by the top Search Engines.

Site Map Generator :
A sitemap is used to make the navigation of your website easier. Sitemaps is a simple way for your site to
be constantly updated by Google. Sitemaps are useful and has a very essential role to play in making a website more effective. Its most important use is to make a website so much easier to navigate. If a user is lost in between he can use a sitemap and go to page he wants to instead of closing the site and never returning back to the website. There are many free Sitemap generators availabe on the web. With a Sitemap generator making a sitemap has become very easy and error free.
Keyword Density Tool
Keyword Density can be measured as the percentage of times the keyword appears on a webpage when you compare it to the total number of words on the page.
Keyword Density of a page is simple:
X = number of times a word appears on the page
Y = number of words on the page
Word Density = X / Y x 100

Having the right keyword density will help make sure that your content looks natural to the search engines. 

Meta Tag Generator
Meta Tag Keywords is a important part of your On Page Search Engine Optimization. In order to create Meta Tags you could create manually however it is consider to use Meta Tag Generator for such a task.
Types of Meta Tags:
The Title Tag : It is an important tag. It sets the title that is shown both in the search engines and in the top of the browser window.The title tag should contain your important keyword for the webpage.
Meta Keyword Tag : this is a list of keywords that are relevant to the webpage. Every meta tag generator should produce this tag as standard.
Meta Description : This contain description of the webpage. The meta description will show up in search results. This tag should contain all the major keywords for your site but in human readable form rather than a simple list.

If you know more SEO tools please let us know in comments

Monday, December 6, 2010

Top 10 Social Networking Sites in India

Social Networking has become number one activity on the internet. The number of users on Facebook and Twitter are ever increasing.

Here is the List of Top 10 Social Networking Sites In India :

1. Facebook

2. Orkut

3. Twitter


5. ibibo

6. StumbleUpon

7. Bharat Student

8. Hi5

9. Bigadda

10. Fropper

 Facebook has reached at the top after Orkut. Facebook has posted highest growth 12 percent versus June with 20.9 million visitors. Orkut ranked second with 19.9 million visitors (up 16 percent vs year ago). Twitter.cm had the highest rate of growth among the top 5 social networking sites, increasing 239 percent to 3.3 million visitors.