Saturday, December 25, 2010

How to Improve Page Rank

Page Rank is a product by Google. The higher the Page Rank that much faster time Google bot crawls your site.The Page Rank value is from 0 - 10. Sites like,, has Page Rank 9. Following are the ways to improve Page Rank of your website.

1. Unique Content - Unique content is very important for SEO of a site. Google bots hate duplicate content. One should keep on updating fresh content to your site.
2. Twitter - Yes you can improve your Page Rank with the help of Twitter. Keep on tweeting on Twitter which will send unique visitors to your site. The more you keep on tweeting the more Followers + more visitors to your site.
3. Sitemaps - It becomes easy for Google bots if your Sitemap is updated. You can create a xml sitemap or a sitemap which has a perfect hierarchy of a website.
4. Inbound Links - Inbound Links play a vital role in SEO. It can improve Page Rank as well. Properly building Inbound links will help your site in Search Engine Ranking Positions.
5. Forums - Keep on posting your site in forums which can generate traffic for your website. The more the outbound links higher the chances of improving Page Rank. Your outbound links should be placed in your niche and relevant categories.
6. Submit to Search Engines - Submitting your site to search engines will help search engine bots to crawl your site.

7. Use H1 Tags - Google bots keep on searching for H1 tags in your site. H1 tags help in SEO of your site. H1 tags carries more important than keyword tag and description tag.

8. Avoid Black Hat/Gray Hat Tricks - Black hat tricks can lead your site get banned from Search Engines. Do not use any of the the black hat/ gray hay tricks

9. Articles - Publishing articles to high PR article sites increases your outbound links, number of visitors and thus helps in improving Page Rank. There are various free article submission sites like which helps improve your Page Rank.

This are some of the tricks which can help you improve Page Rank of your Website.

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