Thursday, June 30, 2011

FaceBook Stats in India

FaceBook, a phenomenon that came to be known to the world in early 2004 and since then has been the biggest revolution known to the internet industry. This phenomenon hit the Indian internet users some 2 years after its world wide launch and has been the most visited social networking site ever since. This article looks at highlighting a few statistical points about FaceBook from the Indian perspective:
The Number Game:
In terms of sheer number of users, India ranks 5th in the World with 28 & a half odd million users off the total share of FaceBook users across the globe. Following are the names of countries that made it to the top 5 of this elite list:
1.     United States: 150,498,840
2.     Indonesia: 38,518,380
3.     United Kingdom: 29,773,820
4.     Turkey: 29,284,100
5.     India: 28,581,200
India also ranked 4th in the Fastest Growing country for FaceBook users growing by a whopping 228% in the year 2010.
Sex Ratio On FaceBook:
As always, India does lack on the number of females per male birth. However, the national sex ratio looks far better if you haven't heard this yet. On FaceBook, India has a divide of 21% female accounts as opposed to 79% male accounts. Now that means, there are 7 men looking at one woman account, considering both are from India. :)
Age Distribution:
This is not as surprising as the sex ratio part, the highest density of accounts, about 47%, is from the category 18-24 yrs and is closely followed by 29% in the age group 25-34 yrs. This means, FB is a strong way of getting to the masses of this group. As I write this, I am also convinced that FB has a strong base of users between 18-30 yrs broadly so to speak.

The FaceBook bug seems to be biting its way high up the ladder in the internet industry and has topped all major industry segments. We now look forward to adding as many users from India, a good fun way on increasing the internet literacy of the country.

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