Sunday, January 2, 2011

Social Networking & Internet Marketing

Internet, as they all say, is the most booming industry on the planet, which makes it rather suprising if you have a business and it does not have an online presence. In this present day, no matter what you are buying, selling or even researching, it is hard not to go through a search engine and look for reports/reviews about the product in question. This product could vary from a basic cosmetics to the next super bike that someone is buying and therefore internet has become the most basic source of information. With the growing need of online information, providing this information to targeted users, when they need it, is the most difficult challenge faced by online marketing companies.

In the year gone by, YouTube & FaceBook have been rated as the most sought keywords on the internet, thus making them one of the most viewed websites in the past year. While these are websites that are being used only in the time of leisure, it is important to note that advertisers would still pay a bomb to feature on the pages that these sites show. While YouTube is not completely an ad based portal, FaceBook is doing its bit to present users with ads based on the content they are browsing. Now it is a complete rat race to get your product listed or viewed by relevant users, who do not intend to purchase these products, however, an ad on the FaceBook page does play a subconcious role while the consumer does go online for a purchase.

All in all, Online Networking/Social Media is here to stay and there is a thin line drawn between "keeping in touch" and going through advertisements based on key words.

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