Thursday, January 20, 2011

Web Designing Basic’s

Here are some tips that all should perspective web-designers should remember while developing their websites in the initial phases
1)    Pick up a simple url that makes it easy to remember by people who have visited you once. e.g. is much easily remembered to Also simpler url’s means people who are less computer savvy recollect you a lot easily.
2)    Know your targeted cliental well look for some-thing they can associate with for example while developing a website for car re-sale put the best bargain on the first page or on similar lines.
3)    Web designers think it is better if all the data in a web site is categorized and broken to tiny fragments it would be much easier for the people visiting the web site to understand. But rather on the contrary it confuses the visitors as what to read.
4)    Don’t try to put too many effects into the web site at first it may sound and look nice to the user but soon it will irritate the visitors. Most common forms in which this is done is loopy music and sparkle effects.
5)    Navigation is one of the most critical part of developing a website. It is of utmost importance that each and every page is interlinked to interdependent and higher level pages. Care must be taken to avoid orphan pages.
6)    Refrain from over using different types of fonts. Minimize the number of fonts used to 2 or 3 as using more fonts will make it look like a mess.
7)    Never put up in-complete or under repair signs on your web page as it gives the users a negative impression of your sight.
8)    Keep the content of your sight original as search engines rate you on the originality of the content one puts up on his site. Higher the original content higher the SEO ranking.
9)    Keep away from using a lot of graphic file as the more the no of files the more time it takes to download thus giving the impression that the website is slow.
10)                      Refrain from using to many flash object as the users are easily distracted by such content and neglect the actual essence of the site
11)                      The background color is also necessary and should not be too flashy as it again distracts the user. Also the foreground color must be selected in such a way that it should be legible in contrast to the background colour. 

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